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Accurate Appraisals for a better tomorrow

Our goal is to make sure you get fair and accurate appraisal services. When you work with our professionals, you know you’ll get the assistance you need.

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Get an Appraisal for Your Divorce

When you get divorced, you’ll need to decide what you should do with the marital home. Making a decision will generally require you to get an appraisal—so reach out to a qualified divorce appraiser from our team.

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Determine the Value of a Loved One’s Estate

When someone passes away, you’ll need to determine the value of their estate in order to settle it. Our estate appraisal services are designed to help you accurately determine the value of any real estate left behind.

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Don’t Pay Too Much in Property Taxes

If your property has been assessed at too high a value, then you could end up paying more than you should in property taxes. Our property tax appeal services are designed to help you find out what your property’s actually worth so you can get your taxes lowered.

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Get Rid of PMI

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is designed to protect a lender, and you may have to pay it if you pay less than 20% of a home’s price as a down payment when buying it. It’s not permanent, however, and one of the first steps to getting rid of it is to get a PMI removal appraisal.

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Get Accurate Valuation Services

Partner with a Reliable Real Estate Appraiser Serving Flower Mound, TX, and the DFW Area

We’re Ready to Help with Your Needs

Determining the value of a property can be important for many different reasons. When you need a divorce appraisal, estate appraisal, PMI appraisal, or property tax assessment appraisal, then consider reaching out to a real estate appraiser from our company. At Home Appraisal Solutions, we’re ready to provide outstanding services to clients throughout Flower Mound, TX, and the DFW area.

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The Appraisal Services You Need

When you work with us, you can be confident you’ll get the fair and accurate property valuation services you deserve.

Why Us?

Partner with Our Professionals

At Home Appraisal Solutions, we aim to provide our clients with honest work and compassionate service. We are a family-owned and operated business that’s committed to providing individuals with unbiased appraisals and thorough reports. Our experts adhere to all industry standards to ensure you get a fair estimation of value. If you’re searching for a real estate appraiser near Flower Mound, TX, and the DFW area, then consider contacting us.

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Reach Out Now for Outstanding Appraisal Services

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We Take Pride in Our Work

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Peter G.

Don completed the appraisal in a timely fashion complete with pictures and dimensions – as well as analysis of the neighborhood with maps of the area. He seems very personable as well. Even the real estate agent liked him.



Ajaykumar G.

Don was awesome he was so patient did a site visit and analyzed on a tricky property to come up with a value. Would hire Don again.



Vicki C

I have worked with Don on a couple of different projects. He is a person of honesty and integrity. He is a professional that I would trust with any appraisal work. I highly recommend Don Preston and Home Appraisal Solutions.



Troy R.

A very professional job done by an independent for personal reasons.



Michael P.

Mr. Preston is the consummate professional with a focus on delivering value for his customer. In his company, you feel like you’ve known him all along as he relates to empathetically relates expressed needs and explains options taking concerns into consideration. One feels as if they can simply pick up the phone and contact him for professional advice or guidance as needed and still come away knowing that he has your best interest in mind.



Carlos S.

Great experience working with Don. Super quick and easy process.



Mark D.

Donald is great! Really easy to work with and very friendly.



Bill M.

Don is extremely professional and has an easy going style to him



Andrew C.

Timely professional and flexible.



April W.

Fast, easily and accurate! Don was wonderful, would highly recommend!



Mahfoud N.

They’re professional and quick



John P.

Don was professional and great to work with. I highly recommend.



Tom P.

Very knowledgeable and very professional.